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Cementación > Cement Pump Units (QM 02017)

Equipment Features:

• Designed to serve as both a cementing and matrix acidizing unit.
• Engines: Caterpiller, Detroit Diesel or Cummins
• Single or Twin engine configurations
• Automatic or manual transmissions
• High pressure triplex pumps, pressure rated from 6.000 psi to 15.000 psi maximum flow of 20 BBL/minute.
• Complete shutdowns, slurry mixing skid, ground jet mixer and liquid additive system available.
• Custom-built to suit costumers specifications and climate conditions
• Dual o single displacement tanks, either open or closed tops
• Recirculating and mix pumps
• Modular components for easy setup
• Recording package
• Marine cooling for offshore skids
• Hydraulic or mechanically driven mix pumps
• Elevated control platforms or control cabin
• Available in truck, trailer or skid design
• Offshore and onshore capabilities

Cement Pump Units (QM 02017)

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