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Falucho 1957 – 2° Dpto 10 (7600) Mar del Plata - Tel: 54 223 492-4356

Planta Fabril
Parque Industrial Savio - Calle 1 entre 2 y 4 Mar del Plata

Criogénicos > Tanques Criogénicos Verticales (QM 05005)
Warm Water Vol. 1590 gal (6000 lts)
Product Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon
Maximum Allowable Working Pressure 250 PSI
Diameter 1850mm
Height 4660mm
Weight 4676 Kg
Oxygen 11141 Kg
Nitrogen 9271Kg
Argon 12638 Kg
Nominal Evaporation Rate 0,3% in 24 hours (O2)
Design Code ASME Section VIII Div: 1,

Inner Vessel SA-240, GR-304 L Stainless Steel
Internal & Annular Piping Schedule 5
Plumbing See diagram
Liquid Level Gauge Wika
Pressure Gauge Wika
All Valves Grofe
Insulation Vacuum with multi-layer Super
Service Temperatures -320°F (-196°C)
Outer Vessel ASTM-36
Paint Inorganic zinc primer with a
polyurethane enamel, white

Tanques Criogénicos Verticales

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